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Features / December 20, 2022

2023 BMW M4

By: Stephen Zahornacky

As a person who is not a fan of foreign cars, I was surprised when the 2023 BMW M4 caught my eye. So I decided to take a deeper dive into the car and see what it was all about. The main things I'm looking for is how affordable it is, the options and space of the car and luxury.

TThe car comes with a 473 horsepower twin turbo motor, or a 503 horsepower twin turbo motor. Equipped with an 8 speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive system. It can do a 0-60mph pull in under 3.8 seconds.

The car itself is built to be a performance car so it saves weight with titanium exhaust, a carbon fiber hood, roof and trunk. It also includes a nice leather interior with amenities like heated seats, air conditioned seats, seat positioning memory and comfortable bucket seats.

The M4 gets around 16-23 miles to the gallon, and provides a roomy inside of the car with a spacious trunk area. The interior is set up for a consumer's preference. The starting price for one of these is $75,695..

Pricing on this vehicle seem quite steep, when compared to a regular car on the market. The Kia Sportage is starting at roughly $25,999 and the Nissan Z starting at $39,900.

But other cars don't deliver nearly half of what the M4 does. They aren't a sports car and they don't have the same amenities.

Other sports cars like the Audi R8 and the Aston Martin DB11 can range to upwards of 160,000 dollars, which is an outrageous amount to spend on a car just to be labeled a sports car. Especially when the M4 delivers the same experience.

Taking into consideration the price and everything the car comes with, I'd rate it a 8/10 for its overall worth

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