Pictured Above: Jamarry Myers, #4, shoots the ball towards the goal with Eddin Baftijari blocking as goalie.
Picture By: Jennifer Newell

Sports / December 20, 2022

Boys Soccer Team Ends Season 8-4-5

By: Miguel Rojas & Jason Levine

The boys soccer team has canceled two games due to a lack of athletic trainers, but that hasn't stopped them from earning a respectable record of 8-4-5 this season.

According to Coach Michael Dorchinsky, "[we] had to cancel two games due to a lack of athletic trainers. This has caused some scheduling conflicts for the players."

Dorchinsky said the lack of trainer(s) has not caused a distraction for the players, however, he does recall the few times games were canceled due to a lack of athletic trainer(s) availability.

Athletic trainers are multi-skilled health care professionals who are required to be at all games.

The team has no control over whether or not they have trainers, and practices are not held when games are made up.

It is unclear how long this situation will continue, but the players seem to be taking it in stride.

Coach Dorchinsky says his players are still motivated and working hard in practice.

Senior player Marcello Gugliotti said "The soccer team has been playing together for a long time and [we] are used to working through issues as they come up."

"I encouraged players to keep practicing even when games are not being played" Gugliotti said.

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