Pictured Above: A lavender ribbon surrounded by ribbons of various colors to represent different types of cancer.
Photo Credit: Melody Castellar

Features / March 06, 2023

National Cancer Prevention Month

By: Melody Castellar

National Cancer Prevention Month took place in February, and the school community can benefit from learning more about the preventable causes of this dangerous group of diseases.

According to the American Association for Cancer Research, cancer describes "a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells" (AACR.org).

Kaynor Tech. Health and P.E. Substitute Teacher Ms. Madeline Nolan added that "most [types of cancer] are considered rare diseases," as National Rare Disease Day has been observed on Feb. 28, 2023.

Seniors Fatima Usman and Jamie Jannetty assert that the most important ways to prevent cancer are “talking to your doctor” and "making healthy choices," although they mention that there is "no [certain] way to prevent it" because "it's just something that happens."

With the increasing prevalence of cancer in the United States, it is important for National Cancer Prevention Month to receive more attention in society this year.

"You can take the time to look up information about specific cancers, group organizations or even a breast cancer walk in your area that you can take part in" suggested Mrs. Kyleene Toledo.

"First of all, don't smoke because it definitely causes damage to your lungs and it's very difficult to stop" advised Nolan.

Nolan also suggests people "maintain a healthy lifestyle, know your family's [medical] history [and] get regular screenings [because] the treatments are often more successful the earlier you treat cancer."

"If you maintain your health, you will be able to make the most out of your life and truly live your life to the fullest" Toledo added.

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