Pictured Above (from left to right): Gianna Cipriano, Tony Budhi and Lilliana Moreno holding their STRONG Award certificates.
Mrs. Christy Hernandez

News / December 2, 2023

December STRONG Award Recipients Announced

By: Matthew Moody

Lilliana Moreno (grade 12), Tony Budhi (grade 11), Gianna Cipriano (grade 10) and Paul Minto (grade 9), were the STRONG Award recipients for the month of December.

Every month, students from each grade are nominated by teachers to be STRONG Award Winners, and one student from each of the grades are selected based on teacher recommendations.

"I had no idea I was going to be picked, until I heard my name said over the announcements" December 2022 STRONG Award Winner Tony Budhi said.

The STRONG awards are the school community’s way of showing appreciation and acknowledgment toward hard-working students.

Each month before he announces the upcoming winners, Dr. Hilliard likes to reiterate the characteristics of STRONG Award Winners, showing that he presents these awards with passion. These awards aren't just good for the recognition, they also have their own benefits.

"It's great, being able to visit the school's restaurant, to be noticed and appreciated by the school" December 2022 STRONG Award Winner Lilliana Moreno said. Another benefit student receives from winning the STRONG Award is the accolade, which can be used for resumes and future job applications.

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