Features / December 20, 2022

Eragon Review

By: James Roberts

"Eragon" is a fantastic fantasy book published by Christopher Paolini (2002). Eragon is an incredible story of growth and loss as the main character named Eragon is thrown into a power struggle more ancient than his country.

The book starts with Eragon finding what seems to be a blue stone while hunting. When the stone turns out to be a dragon egg and it hatches, he has to find a way to hide it from his village and family. The ones searching for the egg find out about Eragon and attack his family, and he is forced to run with the help of his dragon, Saphira, and a mysterious old man Brom.

Paolini does a great job depicting the growth and development of the characters through the events that happen in the story. Most of the characters are compelling and have interesting goals.

The story, while already having many twists and turns, also includes a well thought out system of magic that the characters use which is based on an ancient language.

The magic system works based on the character's understanding of the words in the ancient language as well as how skilled they are in stringing the words together, creating a seemingly endless amount of possibilities for the magic system.

This book has quickly turned into one of my favorite books, and I would recommend it to anyone who has interest in the fantasy genre!

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