Adonis Creed(Michael B Jordan) in a boxing ring
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Features / April 20, 2023

Movie Review: “Creed III”

By: Jayden Gomez

The new “Rocky” franchise movie, “Creed III,” is about a retired Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) who has taken a role as an elite trainer, entrepreneur, and family man who has to face his past when an old friend and boxing prodigy Damian (Jonathan Majors) returns and asks for a shot at the belt.

Adonis is forced to fight his past and face what happened when they were younger in order to maintain his name in the boxing world.

The film tackles many real world situations including the problematic issues on men's mental health as well as illegal and planned crimes.

It is an interesting and unexpected storyline making the audience go through a roller coaster of emotions from happiness, disgust, anger, sadness, and healing.

“Creed 3” was released Mar. 3, 2023 and broke franchise as well as domestic records in the box office with a staggering 58.7 million dollars. The movie was originally projected to bring in 30-40 million dollars and along with exceeding expectations ticket sales at theaters are up almost 40%.

The 2023 movie got a 89%-96% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7 out of 10 on IMDb. The director of the successful film is the man himself, Michael B. Jordan, taking over as director, makes the film the first of many hopefully as successful or more under his director title.

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