Features / December 20, 2022

Senior Mentorship

By: Qualik Johnson

Senior Mentorship is a way for seniors to help freshmen assimilate into student life at Kaynor Tech.

Seniors mentor, Lesly Cardenas said "Although the freshmen are used to their classes and the building, we can still try to be more involved with them."

"Maybe [we can] even help them to get involved in the school activities or future activities" Cardenas added.

"Homeroom should be longer so we could have more time with the freshmen" senior Shayleen Vargas said.

"Homeroom should be longer. I also think we should have a meeting with all mentors once in a while about what ideas they have with activities and things of that sort" said senior Alondra Gonzalez.

The ideas generated by current senior mentors are plentiful.

Gonzalez added, "This could keep the activities from being boring or repetitive."

Combining the ideas of the senior mentors can introduce ways to make the Senior Mentorship Program more mulitfaceted, and enjoyable for the next freshmen class(es).

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