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James Roberts

Features / April 20, 2023

Soul Keeper Book Review

By: James Roberts

Soul Keeper is a novel written by David Dalglish published in 2019 it presents itself as an epic fantasy book about a world in which ancient creatures and magic have returned and it delivers fantastically.

The main character Devin Eveson is what is called a “Soul Keeper” Soul Keepers help people by using knowledge of herbs and plants to heal them and cure diseases, fighting off things that would harm them, and most importantly they help deliver the souls of the dead to the gods they call “The Sisters” during the reaping hour.

After trying to help a village deal with a fatal plague Devin found himself staying behind in the village watching after the sick after he received a message that the village was in great danger and sent the healthy villagers to a village called “Crynn”. After he sent the villager away he was nearly caught in a wave of what seemed like black water. His world gets flipped on its head as magical creatures he never thought or believed to exist awaken. Now armed with just his weapons and the help of some of his friends he has to protect people from the new creatures that roam the land.

Overall “Soul Keeper” is a great book that explores the premise of hidden magic coming back very well, and uses its characters to great effect. One complaint I have for the book is that the beginning was kind of slow, but that complaint is diminished by how once it gets going it throws you into the action.

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