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Features / January 30, 2023

Scaredy Cat Watches... Steven Kings "It" (2017)

By: Lilly Woike

My name is Lilly Woike and in case you couldn't tell I'm the scaredy cat.

From a very young age my parents (my Dad especially) always tried to get me to watch horror movies with the family but I was always too scared and refused.

I have managed to watch a couple here and there over the years, but have decided to watch horror movies and do scary things I told myself I would never do and rate them on if they were scary or not.

“It” (2017) is a movie based on the novel with the same title by Stephen King. This movie was moderately scary.

“It” (1990) definitely was not scary compared to this newer 2017 film. This was actually one of the movies I had agreed to watch with my family and friends because when they were watching it for the first time I was in the other room listening to the whole movie.

Upon my first time watching this movie I could not sleep at all that night because Bill Skarsgård was a very scary “It.”

Pennywise is definitely nightmare fuel and it creeps me out the longer I look at it. The little triangle smile he does is truly just makes a person feel awkward the longer you look.

This movie had great pacing with all of the scares and character development that has happened in the span of two hours and 15 minutes. I love that as a teen this movie has relatable characters like Richie Tozier who is played by Fin Wolfhard because the way his character talks and acts remind me of my sister.

I also love the fact that this movie from a kids/teen perspective and “It” only goes after the children in Derry, Mane.

This movie was great with setting the scene. They wanted the viewer to feel certain emotions around certain parts whether it be laughing or hiding under a pillow.

“It” did very well in the box offices grossing around 700 million dollars, even winning a couple of awards.

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