Warcats huddling up for a team talk before going out to play their football game
Photo Credit: Justin Williams

Sports / December 20, 2022

Warcats Host VG Techs with 4-5 Record

By: Miguel Rojas

The Kaynor-Wilcox Tech. Warcats ended the 2022 Fall Season with a 4-5 record.

Going into the Thanksgiving Game against the VG Techs the Warcats had wins against Prince, O'Brien, Cheney and Platt Tech.

Throughout the season the team suffered losses to Lyman Hall, Northwest United, Thames River and ATI.

The Warcats are set to play the CIAC Quarterfinals Away on Tuesday Nov. 29 against a higher seed, pending the results of the Thanksgiving Day games.

If the Wilcox/Kaynor team wins in November they will play on Sunday Dec. 4 against the higher seed in the semifinals of the tournament.

Going into the quarterfinals game, player Antonio Mejil has faith the WarCats can putll out a vidtory.

"We will definitely win the Thanksgiving game. I feel confident in my team, I think we have all grown very strong as a team this season" Mejil said.

Going into a game with confidence is always a great way to start off mentally.

"I think we should do pretty well, we are ready for it, we have practiced hard. It means a lot to us because it is a rivalry game" said coach Justin Williams prior to the game.

The WarCats are poised to win the CIAC Quarterfinals on Tuesday.

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