Picture Above (from left to right): Leila Etemi and Natalie Ruiz pose in pillory outside of the Witch Dungeon Museum.
Photo Credit: Mrs. Robyn Gervais

News / December 9, 2022

Class of 2023 Makes Trip to Salem, Mass.

By: Jailynn Lopez

The Class of 2023 took their first field trip during their high school career on Oct. 15 to Salem, Mass.

The trip was open to all 180 students in the senior class, however, only 60 students attended due to unforeseen circumstances.

For future field trips, the advisors, Mrs. Gervais and Ms. Sirowich will try to open trips up to the entire class without having a cap on the number of students able to attend.

For this field trip Gervais planned several activities for students which include the Witch Dungeon Museum, a tour of a life-size dungeon replica, the witch trials memorial and the Charter Street Cemetery.

Merjon Meraja, a senior who attended the trip said, "The Witch Dungeon Museum was my favorite part of the trip.”

“I bought some books from a bookstore called 'All the Living Dead' and the book I got was called 'The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers' and this is one of my favorite books right now” said senior Liam Leffler.

The collection time period for students to buy tickets was a small window because both the bus company and the museum needed approximately two-weeks notice.

The students were allowed to explore on their own during the trip and then met up with chaperones at various checkpoints.

“For things like the class trip at the end of the year, the trip will be open to the whole class allowing all students to attend, so future trips for the senior class won’t always have a limit to the number of students that can attend" Gervais said.

Fifty-two students attended the trip along with three chaperones: Mrs. Petrucci, Ms. Sirowich and Mrs. Gervais.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next event hosted by the Class of 2023!

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