News / December 20, 2022

The Return Of Clubs

By: Robert Gibeault

Clubs have returned to Kaynor for the 2022-2023 year! Students and faculty are eager to get back in the clubbing mood.

Club day is an integral way to connect teachers and students through extracurricular activities.

Mr. Kacani, leader of the Marvel Movie Club, said ”Clubs are a good way for students to make connections to what they are learning at school. [Students can be exposed to] historical references, technology, or fields of science like physics or psychology.”

Kacani feels that many of these disciplines are often taught in school but students lack the means to apply them to real life situations.

“It gives me time to connect with kids without something that is graded, it’s something that kids want to do and so I’d like to see more events like that” Kacani explained.

Mrs. Marks, a horror fiend, agrees, ”I think clubs are important for our school climate and [they] help students feel more positive about their experience at Kaynor.”

With reference to the frequency of club days Marks said, “I think at least twice a month would work great, more might be too much but twice a month seems good.”

Senior Tatiana Ross agrees with Marks.

”I really enjoy my club but I feel like we need more time. [Meeting] at least twice a month for two hours would be optimal,” Ross said.

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