Pictured Above: Mrs. Lori Castro stands next to her Halloween-themed trunk.
Photo Credit: Mrs. Lisa Henriquez

News / December 9, 2022

Fun And Fright Fest

By: Arriana Gilbert

The Fine Arts Department hosted the second annual Fun & Fright Fest on Oct. 25 in the Kaynor parking lot at 6 p.m. with performances, activities and contests.

Mrs. Sarah Patel, Fine Arts Dept. Coordinator, plans to make the fall festival a tradition at Kaynor Tech.

Instrumental performances range from Lidia Fainer, Reyna Titus and Riley Mena were on display.

The list of singers included Annabelle Rodrigues, Arden Rivera, Arriana Gilbert, Aubrey Faw, Dallas Hall, Erika Reynolds, Jenna Garraffo, Makayla Gbeh, Makayla Swenden and Xenia Minor.

“It felt so good to be back on the stage and to perform for all of my friends. [I missed] all the cheering and clapping” said senior Fine Arts Department member Jenna Garraffo.

Makayla Swenden, a freshman in exploratory said, “I thought it was really fun. It was scary at first, but after everyone was cheering me on, it made everything so much better and fun.”

Along with entertainment, the trunk-or-treat is a tradition Mrs. Patel plans to keep.

"I hope that the performances from the Fine Arts department this year bring a sense of pride, accomplishment and community to our school! I have every confidence that this year will be amazing" said Mrs. Patel.

Mrs. Sabrina Del Negro's son Diego won first place in the costume contest, dressed as a robot and families participated in the doughnut-eating contest, pumpkin carving and arts and crafts.

Photo Credit: Mrs. Lisa Henriquez and Mrs. Sarah Patel
Picture Above: (from left to right, starting first row) Mrs. Michele Lomma is talking to several children next to her Ghost-buster themed trunk, three students are dressed up in an inflatable costume, Luigi and Mario, the costume contest winner, Diego, dressed as a robot standing in front of a Halloween-themed decorated trunk, Mrs. Patel and a young girl wearing cat ear headbands in a selfie and Mr. Eljon Kacani with his wife and two children dressed as Dalmatians.

“The night was fantastic...I enjoyed handing candy out to the children” said David Potanka, a community member who attended the event.

“I had a great time tonight!” said Aaron Szantyr, a junior in Precision Machining Technology.

Mrs. Patel, she shared future events that the Kaynor community should look forward to. "Upcoming events include the winter concert, Operation Elf at the State Armory, the multicultural event, all district choir and band festival and the competition at Six Flags.”

Patel said that she loves hearing student suggestions and will be honest with the student if their idea is feasible.

“A huge thank you to those people who were able to support… We had two big events this week and people didn’t shy away from coming out and supporting the community. [We are] thankful for everyone's participation” said Mrs. Patel.

“I thought the performers did excellent! I was really impressed with how prepared they were before they even came into my room to audition, they had put in the work and time to make sure they were ready to go” Patel added.

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