Pictured Above: Health Tech Doll Sitting In Chair Next To Hospital Beds.
Photo Credit: Hannah Kimball

News / Decemeber 9, 2022

Teacher Turnover

By: Hannah Kimball

Mrs. Beccia and Mrs. Aleman have been welcomed into Health Technology this year after Mrs. Deborah Sims, Mrs. Regina Wrenn, and Mrs. Julie Trzaski left.

Although Mrs. Laura Beccia is new to teaching in a school setting but has taught "nursing students/grad[uate]s and EMT students in the hospital environment."

"I was excited to meet [the new teachers] and prepared to help them with anything" senior Julia Boucher, said.

Beccia was eager to get started. "We plan on stepping it up. We want the seniors to get out for work-based learning as much as possible" she said.

"We also want the senior curriculum to be more active."

Mrs. Aleman transferred from O'Brien Technical High School and said Kaynor is "refreshing."

Aleman taught a Licensed Practical Nurse program at Kaynor in 2016.

"We are working on getting additional certifications for our 12th graders, like phlebotomy."

Attaining phlebotomy certifications will prove to be challenging Aleman says.

"Alot of [the students] are under 18 and don't have a diploma" Aleman said.

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