Pictured Above: An image of Mahsa Amini amongst crowd
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News / December 20, 2022

The Impact of Mahsa Amini at Home and Abroad

By: Neyri Fragoso

Mahsa Amini was a young woman in Iran who died after getting arrested by morality police on Sept. 16, 2022 due to improperly wearing her hijab, which goes against her country's dress code law.

Amini's death has stirred international outrage both online and in the streets.

Local protests have been breaking out in numerous places across Iran and women have been cutting their hair in solidarity with Amini.

Before the Islamic revolution, wearing a headscarf was an option for women. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, it was made mandatory to wear a hijab

in Iran. In Iran the morality police ensure people are following the laws of Islamic dress code.

After Amini was arrested for improperly wearing her hijab, she was taken to a detention center and brought into custody where she died from heart failure. Her family claimed she had no underlying medical condition which is why Amini's story has made national headlines.

“The media may have some kind of bias depending on the news outlet,” said Mrs. Kimberly Matthews.

Women are being executed in Iran for not wearing a hijab. The government has shut off internet access as well as blocking Instagram and WhatsApp.

This made it hard to believe whether Amini's cause of death was due to heart failure .

"The press in Iran is obviously limited by what they have access to and what they can report, but, at the same time personal phone cameras and social media have given the world better insight into human rights abuses in Iran than ever before ” added Mr. Andrew Clements.

Five people were killed during a protest on Sept. 19, according to Hengaw, an organization for human rights and the deaths have not been confirmed or verified by American news outlets.

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