Pictured Above: Mr. Mark Mooney reviews volleyball skills with seniors during a Nov. class.
Logan Crutchfield

Features / December 20, 2022

Teacher Spotlight On Mr. Mooney

By: Robert Gibeault

This is Mr. Mooney's first year teaching at Kaynor, and the panthers are here to give him a warm welcome.

“I taught at Bullard Havens for 5 years starting in 2008 and I also taught at Emmett O’Brien for nine years” Mooney said.

With a combined total of 14 years teaching, Mr. Mooney has a lot to offer to the school community.

According to Mr. Anderson, “Mr. Mooney is a welcomed addition here to the Kaynor Tech. P.E. and Health Staff."

"He has an abundance of experience teaching and I think he’ll bring all those experiences here to the students and staff and make all of our experiences better.”

Originally from Ohio, Mooney attended high school in East Providence, RI.

He graduated from Central Connecticut State University with his Bachelors Degree in 2002, returned in 2012 for his masters, and is currently halfway through his sixth-year certificate.

“As a P.E. teacher it makes my job a lot easier with the big gymnasium, the beautiful fitness room, and even the field right outside the door" said Mooney.

“My goal at Kaynor is to help every student find a way to get active” Mooney explained.

“Mr. Mooney [is] a positive influence and is knowledgeable about the importance of physical activity. He is an exemplary teacher during class and very helpful” said Dylan Kenyon.

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