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Picture By: Hannah Kimball

News / December 20, 2022

Health Technology Moves To New Location

By: Hannah Kimball

In August of 2022, the Health Technology shop moved to what used to be the old Health classrooms to open up a space for the new Masonry shop.

Health Technology students are not too happy about the change. “It is too crowded and too small for the amount of people, supplies, and equipment we have. I also don’t like how close to the academic wing it is because the noise levels in between classes are high,” said Julia Boucher, a senior in Health Technology.

Health Technology instructor Mrs. Laura Beccia is also finding the move to be an adjustment. “Our lab needs to be larger and more functional. We don't have a washer or dryer, enough sinks for hand-washing, or curtains for around the beds.”

Mrs. Heidi Aleman, Health Technology instructor, admitted, “this location is not ideal the way it's set up now, the previous location was much better. It was larger, there was more space, and a bigger common area where students could be working on skills.”

Construction plans for Health Technology expansion are planned during Winter break. “The senior classroom will become a giant lab and we are going to have two separate classrooms far apart and hopefully a space to have offices for the instructors,” Mrs. Aleman said.

Health instructor Mrs. Laura Beccia also seems hopeful that the planned construction of the shop will make the location more practical. "We have lots of ideas on how we are going to improve it so that we can really get the shop that we all need” said Beccia.

The students in Health Technology are hoping that the upcoming construction that the instructors speak of will provide a better, more practical learning environment.

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