Pictured Above: An iPhone open to Instagram where the majority of social media threats have been seen.
Photo Credit: Logan Crutchfield

News / December 9, 2022

Social Media Threats On The Rise

By: Logan Crutchfield

In September administrators saw an uptick of students making social media threats for unknown reasons.

These threats have been getting posted on a variety of social media platforms. Examples of threats included whole school targets, teachers, and other students.

According to Mr. Kevin Costello, Information Systems Technology Instructor, social media companies/platforms "need to use statistical engines to evaluate postings that they feel are suspicious.”

Costello argues this could filter out all the messages sent and have artificial intelligence detect the threats.

Mr. Dan Oleskiw, Information Systems Technology Department Head suggests “A technology retraining community service."

"Maybe they should have to speak, like people that get involved in drunk driving accidents have to speak at schools about how it was a terrible thing to do” said Mr. Dan Oleskiw.

In order to make sure that threats like this don't happen there should be punitive repercussions in place.

"All threats need to be investigated thoroughly, and consequences depend on the severity and legitimacy of the threat. At the school level, all technology moving forward with be monitored and limited for the student" said Assistant Principal, Mr. Davis Friedman.

"If needed appropriate law enforcement will be involved. Consequences will also include some kind of education on how this threat was inappropriate and could have been avoided."

Student punishment should be "a minimum of public service time or the same punishment as threats in the legal system" Ethan Cascella.

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