Pictured Above: Students and staff posing for professional photos at Kaynor Tech's 2022 Homecoming
Photo Credit: JR_MediaSolutions

News / December 9, 2022

Your Red Carpet Moment: "Hoco" 2022 A Hit

By: Jayden J. Gomez

Kaynor Tech’s gymnasium was packed with over 300 students for the 2022 Homecoming dance with “Red Carpet” being the theme of the Nov. 4 dance.

JR MediaSolutions (Rafael Jose) was the professional photographer hired for the event.

This was an event to remember with great music, snacks, dancing and photograph opportunities filling the party.

Homecoming king and queen were seniors Qualik Johnson and Tatiana Ramos.

“It was fun! The theme was nice, kids got dressed up and danced, there was no bad energy -- the entire night was a blast” said senior Kayla Henegain.“Seeing the excitement of the kids is my favorite part of these dances, being able to take pictures of them and watch them have fun” said PFO President Denise Gomez.“My favorite moment of homecoming was announcing the king and queen the applause and approval from the audience alongside the excitement that extends over the grades to want to be in their positions” said Mrs. Christy Hernandez.

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