Pictured Above (left to right): Mrs. Sonntag, Arianna Gilbert, Stephen Zahornacky, Joseph Giannattasio
Photo Credit: Matthew Moody

News / December 20, 2022

New UConn ECE Course Offering

By: Matthew Moody

As of the 2022-2023 school year, UConn History Since 1877 has been added to the courses options for seniors and is taught by General Education Department Head, Ms. Peg Sonntag.

The new University of Connecticut Early College Experience (ECE) course offering has been added to the course options for members of the class of 2023 and is very different from previous course selections for seniors.

“We are being taught in a way that's different and I really enjoy it. I feel as if I have learned a lot so far this year,” said Christopher Wrinn, UConn ECE Student.

College-level courses are often popular courses for college-bound members of the W.F. Kaynor Technical High School student body.

ECE courses offer opportunities for extra credits, a unique learning style and opportunities to earn an higher overall grade point average due to the weighting of UConn ECE courses.

“It is a phenomenal way to get the credits you need for college before you even get there,” said Ms. Peg Sonntag, UConn ECE Instructor.

Students who choose to take UConn (ECE) courses have the ability to earn college credits while in high school.

"Students should take advantage of any opportunity to save money on tuition," said Dr. Britany Kuslis.

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